Sleep Learning Can We Really Learn While We Sleep

Sleep Learning Can We Really Learn While We Sleep

Ever since I was at school I wished that I could use my time sleeping to learn. Sleep learning has always been my dream, but is it really possible? Can you really learn things and develop your brain while you sleep?

I have found out that sleep learning is possible! Just not in the way you might think.

How Can You Learn While You Sleep?

Here I will expel the 2 main misguided beliefs about sleep learning

  • It does not work by implanting information and facts into your head  – you will not wake up speaking spanish without ever studying, it just does not work by planting knowledge into your head without you consciously learning it within your waking life. It works simply as a learning ENHANCER – i.e. it enables you to learn at a faster rate, and take information in easier.
  • It doesn’t work immediately, or in just one night. It is more gradual – each night the messages sink in a little more and grow within your mind, and gradually you’ll be able to think quicker, process information better, recall them more, and overall your learning ability will develop.

The Benefits Of Subliminal Sleep LearningSubliminal Learning

So now you know that it isn’t magic or instant, nevertheless sleep learning has never been more popular, and listed here are a number of main reasons why:

  • It is absolutely non distracting. You can put it on as you sleep and let the messages sink into your brain effortlessly. No further steps, practice, repetiton is necessary from you. This means that your way of life doesn’t need to change at all, you are able to play the album on a night, enhance your mind, and go about your day as normal.
  • I will be the first to point out that it ISNT a miracle – you will not wake up a different person, but the change will likely be gradual, and it will support the action you are taking and help align your subconscious mind to your conscious goals and actions. It can give you a shortcut and help you to learn just about anything, or develop yourself in virtually any way imaginable.

Another reason that subliminals are becoming a lot more popular is because it can be compared to a mild form of hypnosis – while you won’t enter a trance the messages can change you mind in a similar fashion – eventually the messages will make real changes to your unconscious mind and enhance your ability to learn dramatically.

If you haven’t tried subliminal sleep learning yet then now is the time. Sweet dreams!

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